Meet Nick

“If not now, then when? And if not me, then who?”

Politics is something Nick never saw himself getting involved with. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Illinois, Nick graduated from Jacksonville High School in 2002. Soon after graduation, he joined a rock band that gave him the ability to tour North America & Europe. During this time, Nick was exposed to thousands of people from all walks of life. Almost a decade later, after the band dismantled, in 2008, Nick received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois Springfield and put permanent roots down in the town that he has always loved, appreciated, and supported—Springfield, Illinois.

After watching the political climate become clouded with hate, oppression, and uncertainty, Nick knew what he needed to do. He began supporting grassroots candidates across the country and got involved with groups that align with his values in his community.

Nick is running for county board to bring a new community voice to the board. His goal is to make space so everyone can have a seat at the table and to open doors for others that might be interested but unsure about the process. His progressive stances on making a path to citizenship and treating immigrants with dignity and respect, support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and transparency of government is what makes him stand out amongst his opponent.

The time has come for the status quo to change. Nick has seen firsthand the importance of every resident of the Capitol city being represented and heard, especially those who are most often disenfranchised because of their race, sexual orientation, age or neighborhood.